about me


I’m an entrepreneur based in San Francisco. I take my laughter and my work quite seriously.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas but spent lots of my youth in Juárez, México. Spanish was my first language, güey.

I was a relentless kid. I figured out sales by pitching my mom hundreds of well-researched win-win scenarios and crafty proposals. (She’s a sharp lady so I met with a lot of rejection, and also learned a lot about objection handling. Best sales training ever.)

I studied biology and philosophy @ Rice University, where I did a bit of biochemistry and genetics research. I dropped out of the honors program in my junior year to co-found a telecom company in Australia. I exited that company a year later, and realized I needed to open my eyes to the non-academic/non-business world. So I bought two back-to-back around the world tickets. An incredible life experience, second only to failing at my first tech startup.

Science matters to me. I care deeply about the intersection of cognitive/behavioral psychology and technology. Models of human artificial intelligence fascinate me. (Party trick: I can figure out your myers-briggs type with in just 4 questions with 92% accuracy. I figured out a way to push that % higher with a little tool I built).

My first real job was a DBA but I recently taught myself software development by teaching 7 year-old girls Python. I’d cram before each lesson and, if any of us were stumped during class, we’d turn to Stack Overflow, docs.python.org, Youtube, etc.

Best part of working with precocious kids? They pester you with questions like, “When are we going to the Maker Faire?”

Yep. Science. Tech. Kids. I balance work with random picnics, bike rides, sipping tea, squeezing as much as I can out of life while generally being dignified.

me and my buddy Troy

           With a friend. Being dignified.

I believe like minds attract each other so if you’re a dreamer and a doer, say hi! We should probably meet. ;>

p.s. I tweet, too. @lolasoto

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